The Power of Hope
Emerging through Pain
& Learning to Live with Gratitude

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Available in E-book, Audiobook and Paperback

Available in Paperback, E-book & Audiobook



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Captivating from the first page to the last.

With refreshing honesty, candor, grace, and ease, Johnny Sirpilla -–a master storyteller– serves as our guide through a life story that seems too traumatic to be true, yet true it is. Johnny and Susan Sirpilla were a happily married couple. Like so many couples, they wanted to be parents. This is their astonishing story that included thirteen different scenarios to build a family.

From infertility to unexpected dangerous pregnancies, adoptions, international adoptions, twins, triplets, life-threatening medical concerns, moral and faith crossroads, their story never ceases to fascinate. Through their journey, you’ll discover the mindset that will set you on a course of positivity and resilience to navigate any of your own difficult times in life.

The genius of valuable insights through cognitive-behavioral therapies on important topics such as:

  • Dealing with Grief
  • Finding Resilience in the Darkest Times
  • Learning the Secret of Reframing Our Thoughts
  • The Essential Value of Faith in Our Lives

As Founder and CEO of Encourage LLC, Johnny specializes in leadership development. Every year he addresses organizations with his message of the importance of managing and reframing thoughts, modeling healthy thinking, and searching for positive meaning.

Developing meaningful professional and personal relationships that genuinely reflect the personal brand of the individual and organization create synergies that drive growth for all stakeholders. You won’t be able to put the book down. You will learn the lesson we all must embrace — Life is Hard but I’ll Be Ok.

About the Author

Johnny Sirpilla is a passionate storyteller. The topics can vary but the intensity drawing laughter or tears to create a shared human experience is his driving force. Through our shared stories, we can discover strength when we’re feeling weakened, be encouraged when we are down, and serve as a light to others who live in darkness.

Johnny has been known to say that he no longer knows who is true authentic self is due to profound impact others have had on him.  He has been blessed to be challenged, encouraged, and hold a front row seat to masters in communication displaying loving humanity who have guided him to be the leader he is today.  He is continuing to evolve into the servant leader he has been called to be.  Johnny is thankful to those mentors, leaders, or those from brief encounters who displayed courage, kindness, and strength when it was most needed.  His “authentic self” is forever changed due to those encounters.

Hear what Readers Say

A must read inspiring true story!

Once I started reading this book I could not put it down. This book was heart wrenching and promising all in one. I had goosebumps reading about how faith delivered the author through life’s ups and downs. such an inspiring story!!

Inspirational! Couldn’t put it down.

What a great book from start to finish! Such an inspirational story about love and marriage and the pursuit to have a family. His dream to become a father is an absolute page turner with all the feels. Johnny tells his unbelievable story from the heart with a lot of vulnerability and love.

Help comes in many forms – including the unexplainable. Keep Hope!

This book was a much needed example of hope for me in a tough time of transition. The long early years of trying in a quiet place… wow, hit home. A reminder that truly – it’s going to be ok. This one helped me to remember to keep faith and know help comes in many forms. Fantastic book.

#1 International Bestseller

"If you’re looking for a mindset shift... this is the book that will give you that. be resilient and see the beauty in anything that life throws at us."

"He has written a book to help anyone deal head-on with any struggle they face so they can become more resilient, eventually heal, and find beauty in the hardship, the silver lining in a dark cloud."

"Touched by magic himself, Sirpilla will remind you that your own magic is more within your reach than you think. A profoundly touching page turner, this book is a must read."

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Life is hard but I’ll Be Ok: The Power of Hope Emerging through Pain and Learning to Live with Gratitude by Johnny Sirpilla. © Copyright 2022.

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