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Johnny is proud to partner with professionals who are known to drive change in their space. His trusted advisors in psychology, people development, human resources and legal strategy have made an impact with him in countless engagements.


Masters of Organizational Management

Johnny Sirpilla has enjoyed a career in small and large business industries for over 30 years. After selling his business to Camping World in 2003, he became President and then Chief Business Development Officer at Camping World and Good Sam, a nationwide RV retail chain with over 150 stores and annual sales of over $4 billion. He retired in 2017 after a successful IPO and is now Founder of Encourage, LLC. He has turned his attention to various passions including leadership development, public and private board work, and keynote speaking while managing his businesses in several other industries.

Johnny’s passion is sharing leadership principles to create a workplace environment that best prepares employees to return each day to their families where their most important role is found. Johnny shares his strong beliefs that work production is limited until the work culture is primed for each team member to work at their greatest potential with their minds clear and prepared to see their role of significance to impact the team.  To make a positive impact on the American family, create an uplifting work culture to send our employees back to their families feeling appreciated, valued, and significant… the energy is contagious and will change generations.


Ph.D. – Psychologist

Dr. Barbara Fordyce is a licensed psychologist who has been in private practice for over 30 years. She earned her B.A. degree from Wittenberg University and her M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in Psychology from the University of Akron. Her extensive experience in dealing with all facets of human growth and development has given her a unique perspective on the issues of our times. While she no longer sees clients in the private practice setting, she owns the largest private practice in Stark County and supervises many other practitioners at Barbara Fordyce and Associates, LLC.

Her personal practice includes leadership training, executive coaching, and consultation to many hospitals, family courts, businesses, organizations and community agencies. She is on the medical staff and is a consultant at Aultman Hospital in Canton, Ohio. She has created several guided imagery recordings to assist in stress reduction, wellness promotion, and preparation for surgery and recovery. She provides Health Talks for the community, stress reduction seminars, wellness education as well as continuing education and team building.

Zrinka Allen

A2Z Consulting

Zrinka Allen has worked in global organizations across multiple industries for the past 30 years as both a human capital executive, people development officer, and overall fixer. Most recently, Zrinka served as EVP Human Resources and Social Responsibility at Camping World, a $5 billion dollar RV retailer with hundreds of locations across the United States. Today, Z is the founder of A2Z Consulting offering multi layered human capital services at the highest level.



The Managing Partner at Winkhart & Minor. Thomas W. Winkhart has been in private practice since 1989, having started his legal career at a large regional law firm before starting his own firm almost 20 years ago.

Tom represents several national manufacturing and service companies as general counsel, advising boards and executives on many aspects of diverse businesses.

Bella Sirpilla

Marketing Director, Laura of Pembroke

Bella graduated from High Point University in North Carolina with a degree in Biology & minor in Business Administration with plans to be a dentist. She attended The Ohio State University College of Dentistry in the fall of 2020. Bella learned that when you make a plan, God laughs, and as it turns out, although she loved dental school it was not the career path for her.

After leaving dental school, Bella was on a road to self discovery. She struggled with anxiety and depression from a very young age and internally felt a self-imposed pressure for perfection in all endeavors. Bella was granted time to address her challenges head on and heal from past traumas. Now, Bella wants to use the tools she has learned to help others feel loved, valued, and enough.

Bella is a speaker and the Marketing Director and Buyer at Laura of Pembroke, which offers stylish women’s clothing, gifts, home furnishings, and interior design services with locations in Canton and Cleveland, Ohio. Bella represents the third generation in her family business which just celebrated a milestone 35th anniversary.