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Johnny Sirpilla


Encourage was founded on the principle that inspiring others can lead to a positive impact on the world. “Therefore encourage one another & build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.”- Thessalonians 5:11

Susan and Johnny Sirpilla started their family together in heartache. The loss of their triplets, Nicholas, Mary and Peter, on the day of their birth brought pain that at times, they didn’t believe they could live through. They were united in love and commitment to each other and came to realize the blessing of their three children and to feel grateful for their time together on this earth. They learned that the time together before they passed could be enough to feel joy and gratitude as parents. Together, they chose to move forward in thanksgiving for their lives as opposed to regret for what could have been.

This life changing experience forever impacted how they would view what was to come. The struggle to become parents to their children Beau, Bella and Stone further confirmed the value of family and what truly matters. Raising their three children to know and honor their brothers and sister who came before them became a journey of love that continues today.

Johnny Sirpilla believes that we approach our work and home life with the same mind and heart which requires thoughtful decisions to drive behavior that is compatible in both settings. The responsibility he has always felt as an employer to send his team home to be best prepared for their most important role as a mother, father, sister, brother, or caregiver is what truly matters. He recognizes that the tone of the work culture has a direct impact on each employee and ultimately the mindset they will have when they walk through the door to greet their loved ones.

This heavy sense of responsibility as an employer calls us to evaluate the culture that exists in our work place and take action to be mindful of how we impact the thoughts and personal actions of others.

Johnny realizes that the drive for improved personal interaction does not take precedent over the goals and missions in the work place. Rather, it is a critical tool in the tool box that will ensure a company’s success.